Springs Water Park

Description: Woodside families are given the opportunity to buy discounted passes to the Spring Water Park in Pewaukee, WI!

Marcus Movie Passes

Description: In BOTH Fall and Spring, Woodside families are offered the chance to purchase Marcus Movie passes at a discount off of regular admission and come with a $3 snack voucher for each two passes purchased. Gift cards and gift certificates are also available and families can earn two free passes for every $300 ordered. These are great gift options for family outings or holiday stocking stuffers!

Boxtops for Education (All Digital Now!)

Description: Woodside families are encouraged to collect BoxTops for Education which are redeemed for cash and school supplies. Boxtops is totally digital now.

Download the mobile app from Google Play or the App Store and then just scan your grocery receipts to get credit. Click here for more info.

Night’s Out

Description: Nights out are scheduled events where Home & School coordinators work with local restaurants to raise money for Home & School. By eating a local restaurants on specific nights during the school year, a percentage of the sales are donated to Home & School. Watch the Home & School website for Night’s out announcements!